We would like to introduce you to our local walking and hiking trails. If you are interested in an active holiday in nature, hiking trails in Drašnice are the right place for you. From the center of Drašnice, a one kilometer long asphalt path to the old village in Drašnice awaits you, followed by the arranged hiking trails of around 15 kilometers. The trails pass by the old stone houses, abandoned hamlets, sacral objects and lookout points. Every step of the way you will surely enjoy the untouched nature and the beautiful view of Drašnice, the surrounding islands and mountain peaks. In particular, you will enjoy the beautiful view from the Kline lookout point, which is located at an altitude of 571 m, and only 3 km from the center of Drašnice.

The trails are properly marked and with signposts, and they are all covered by an interactive map so that you can find out your current location and the direction you need to go in at any moment. Using the trails requires extra caution and attention. We recommend carryng enough fluid and using protective equipment. Adherence to these simple rules will benefit you and the rest of the trail users. Be considerate towards nature, do not leave waste and stay on the designated paths. Be realistic about you rabilities, check your equipment and research the area ou are walking in.

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